Why Visit Us


Jepara is an exquisite city welknown as centre of furniture industry in Indonesia, and had been famous as iconic brand of "the world carving Wood center" where more than 12 thousand bussiness units,related to furniture industry located. 4 subdistrics of Jepara is a home of dynamics and contiuounsly creative home industries, small and medium as well as big furniture factories exporting furniture to more than 140 countries world wide.

Those industries inhabits   a dense area, easily reachable by buyers/visitors by only "five to ten minutes" google maps auto guided car driving from one to another exhibitors. It is practically a spreaded out and biggest "exhibition venue" in Indonesia.

JIFBW is simply an adapted and modernized adoption of US Hight Point expo concept in Indonesia.

JIFBW provide furniture and craft companies to exhibit wide range of products in longer time with no excessive cost consequences,  as well as its production facility and capacity, from which will increase the possibility to close the deal with offline and online visiting buyers.

Thus JIFBW is most effective platform to meet buyers and producers. Retail, wholesale as well as projects buyers have opportunity to meet up and directly close the most competitive deal with those verified capacity of matching producers. Producers have opportunity to exhibit and expose themself in a very affordable exhibition.

In short run, JIFBW will train the  competitive  bahavior to the furniture and craft industry in Jepara,  and in the long run, it will increase aggregate demand along with the multiplying development of competitiveness of the industry through gradual capacity building caused by knowledge pooling and adoption of technology.

Jepara is also a tropical white sanded beaches city with international quality beach resorts, hotels and restaurant which will provide international visitors a prosperous and enjoyable bussiness trip.

So join and make sure to become part of JIFBW